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Willow Tait in GENERAL HOSPITAL has only been around for a few years, but she’s already had quite a dramatic life in Port Charles filled with romance, heartbreak and hidden secrets! If you want more information about the beautiful young woman, look no further! Introduced in October 2018, the character was always played by actress Katelyn MacMullen.

Willow was introduced as Aiden’s school teacher who had a private meeting with Liz and Franco about the little boy being withdrawn and having trouble making friends at school. She was next seen at the end of the month, bumping into Harrison Chase in the hospital parking garage on her way to a grief group meeting also attended by Michael Corinthos.

Willow Chase General Hospital
Chase urged Willow not to run away.ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

It was then revealed that Willow is the biological mother of Wiley, the baby adopted by Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones, and Julian convinced her to retire and not take part in the child’s life. However, the child Willow gave birth to had died in his crib and Brad had agreed to trade the babies with Nelle Benson. When Willow approached Wiley and found herself attracted to the little boy, she had no idea it wasn’t really her son. It was then revealed that Willow was a former member of the Dawn of Day cult and its leader, Shiloh, was the father of her baby! Their mother Harmony tried to get them to return to the group, but Willow wanted nothing more to do with them.

Upon learning that Wiley was his son, Shiloh immediately set out to steal the child for himself, but luckily Willow’s new boyfriend, Harrison Chase, was a cop and came to her defense. After Shiloh’s reign of terror ended with his death, Willow was surprised when her released mother showed up on her doorstep. Harmony insisted she start a new chapter, but Little did Willow know she was now working for villainous drug mule Cyrus Renault!

GH Michael Wiley Willow
These three are quite a beautiful family.ABC/Valerie Durant

Willow had grown so fond of Wiley that she was absolutely heartbroken when the truth about the baby swap broke out and she learned that the baby she had given birth to had died over a year ago. When Michael took over raising Wiley, Willow remained a part of the little boy’s life, and when Nelle got out of prison and wanted her son back, Willow offered to do anything to help Michael keep custody. However, when Sasha Gilmore proposed marrying Michael to start a family, which would ensure the judge would let him keep Wiley, Willow declined.

But when Sasha and Chase made it seem like they were having an affair, Willow and Michael got together and tied the knot to defeat Nelle in court. But over time, they became so close that even after they found out about the lie that brought them together in the first place, feelings were still there. Even when Willow started reconnecting with Chase, she was still a part of Michael’s life (and not just because she moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and into the gatehouse!).

As Michael and Willow were about to make their reunion official, their attempt to break up with Chase hit a snag when the cop became seriously ill and was hospitalized! Believing he was dying from Peter’s poison, Chase proposed and a guilty Willow accepted. However, after they were stopped, Chase was healed and Willow was stuck. She continued her affair with Michael in secret, but people started to take notice and eventually Chase caught them in bed together! Willow apologized and confessed the truth and they both agreed to an annul.

GH Willow Chase
Willow didn’t think she would be Mrs. Chase for very long.ABC/Troy Harvey

Willow was then free to be with Michael and help him raise Wiley, but became concerned when he went behind her back to make Nina Reeves pay for keeping Sonny away from his family for months. And when he proposed to her, she admitted she wasn’t ready to take that step just yet.

Unfortunately, Willow overhears a conversation between Sonny and Nina, and when called to testify at Nina’s criminal hearing, she revealed that the couple had been in love during their time at Nixon Falls. Then it was Michael’s turn to be mad at Willow for a while!

Things took an unfortunate turn when Willow was looking for her birth certificate so she could get a passport to go on vacation with Michael and couldn’t find it. Acting suspiciously, Harmony privately confided in Alexis Davis that there was no birth certificate because Willow’s real mother was a woman named Joan who also lived in the community. She and Douglas were assigned to raise Willow and he got a fake birth certificate for her. Michael investigated and Willow was stunned to learn there was no record of her birth!

While Willow continued to clash with Nina over visiting Wiley, she was even more heartbroken when her mother was hit by Sasha’s car and was near death! Worse, before Harmony died, she confirmed Willow wasn’t her daughter, but vowed to keep Carly’s real mother’s identity a secret! As she mourned the loss of the woman she thought was her mother, Willow got a DNA test that proved she and Harmony weren’t related.

GH Carly Michael Willow Nina
Willow wanted nothing to do with Nina…without being aware of their true connection!ABC

When Willow stood next to Michael and testified in court to keep Nina away from Wiley, she had no idea that Carly had run her own DNA test, which proved Nina was her biological mother! Unaware of the secret Carly was keeping, Willow continued to suffer from dizzy spells.

Look out GH to see how Willow’s story unfolds!

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