Will Kristina return to GH? – Lexi Ainsworth speaks out!

If you follow GENERAL HOSPITAL star Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) on Instagram, then you know that the beautiful actress has been traveling across Europe in recent months. Her adventures have seen Ainsworth stop in Italy, France, Turkey and Greece – but does her passport have room for a return trip to Port Charles?

Since embarking on her European tour, Ainsworth has promised her followers that she would “love to” come back GH eventually and that she was available to return “if they need me”. The actress went into more detail about her open-ended journey and plans for the future when she caught up with her TV dad Maurice Benard (Sonny) during a live Instagram chat.

“I’m just waiting for a reason to come back,” Ainsworth explained to Benard, adding that she’s enjoyed dedicating herself to some self-care after a particularly difficult breakup with a longtime boyfriend she’d lived with for five years. “I have like, one eat, pray, love Moment.

For those who don’t know the reference, Eat Pray Love: A Woman’s Quest for Everything is the 2006 memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert, who, after her bitter divorce, traveled the world to find happiness again. The book quickly became a bestseller, allowing readers to take back their own lives, and was adapted into a 2010 film starring Julia Roberts.

Lexi Ainsworth
“Bounty season,” Ainsworth captioned a photo of her dining al fresco in Cappadocia, Turkey.Instagram

Following their split — which Ainsworth said was “a lot” — the actress decided to embrace the message behind Gilbert’s memoir. “Because the audition is remote and I’m not filming anymore [GH]I thought, ‘Well, I have nothing to do, so I might as well travel and find myself,'” she explained.

Ainsworth embarked on her trip in March, flying to Rome on a one-way ticket. Along the way, she met up with friends in Hampstead, England and Cannes, France, and even met GH co-star Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) in London. But Ainsworth has found great appreciation for all the time she’s spent alone. “When someone has the opportunity to go on a trip on their own,” she shared, “you learn a lot.”

The last time the actress was on GH was for a handful of episodes in February, when Kristina helped Sonny plan a romantic evening for Carly. Of course things went wrong and instead of reuniting with Carly that night, Sonny ended up getting caught by his wife while he was in bed with Nina. But Benard teased that there could be more Sonny and Kristina scenes in the near future. “You’d know before I did!” Ainsworth told her TV dad, laughing. “Stay tuned I guess!”

Be sure to check out Ainsworth’s Instagram to see all the photos from her travels around Europe!

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