Who is Linc on General Hospital?

Linc hasn’t been to GENERAL HOSPITAL that often, so it’s understandable if fans don’t know the guy. The character was introduced in January 2020 and played by an actor Dan Buran until a few months later in March. Like the bad Penny that he is, Linc has reappeared a number of times since, in May 2020 and November 2021. Buran reprized his role again in May 2022.

Linc Brown is a music producer with some very shady businesses. When Brook Lynn Quartermaine returned to Port Charles, she argued with him on the phone and later told her father that she signed a deal with the guy but he wanted sexual favors in return, so she dropped him as producer. But when she tried to sing on The Floating Rib, Linc appeared to warn that she was breaking the contract. With Lulu Spencer caught in the middle of the conflict, Dustin Phillips grabbed Linc and started a fight that got everyone arrested.

Linc later met with Brook Lynn and her father, Ned Quartermaine, and denied that he ever molested his client. Ned gave Linc a check to buy him off, but he declined the offer, warning that there was no escaping the contract. Julian Jerome physically threatened Linc, who then went to Brook Lynn and offered to release her from the contract in exchange for her ELQ shares. It turned out that he worked not only with lawyer Martin Gray, but also with Valentin Cassadine.

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Brook Lynn didn’t understand why Linc was interested in her shares in the family business, but he refused to explain. Valentine urged Linc to get him those shares asap, and after Ned fired her from ELQ, Brook called Lynn Linc to finalize the deal. Months later, she asked who really got the shares, and while Linc insisted they wanted to remain anonymous, Valentin sat down at the table and Linc disappeared.

In November 2021, Linc was at the Savoy and offered Curtis Ashford a replacement band after the two scheduled performances were canceled at the last minute. In reality, Linc was working with Marshall Ashford, who was behind the other bands’ exits. Brook Lynn spotted Linc and warned the producer to stay away from her. After the concert, Curtis showed Linc a picture of his father and when he confirmed he was working with him, Marshall stepped in and showed Linc the door.

In May 2022, Linc reappeared at Metro Court Gardens to speak to Brook Lynn again. What does he want this time?

Stay tuned GH to see what happens next!

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