Who is Gregory Chase in General Hospital?

Gregory Chase at GENERAL HOSPITAL has a new look so it’s understandable if some fans are a bit confused. When the character first appeared in June 2018, she was played by an actor James Read, who had a memorable role as the villain Clyde in DAYS OF OUR LIVES. He reappeared in September of the same year and left in October, but when Gregory returned GH in November 2020, veteran television actor Gregory Harrison had landed the role.

dr Hamilton Finn was surprised to meet his father Gregory Chase while in California with Anna Devane. Gregory tried to apologize for the rift that had opened up between them, but Finn couldn’t get over feeling his father moved on with Chase’s mother too quickly after his wife died. Gregory wanted to try to put the past behind him and move on, but Finn didn’t want anything to do with his father and left the cafe.

Gregory Finn General Hospital
Finn turned his back on his father again.XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

In September, Gregory traveled to Port Charles and met with his other son, Harrison Chase, and Finn and Anna at Metro Court. Eventually, he admitted he was ill and Finn reluctantly agreed to treat his father. Finn later discovered that Gregory was suffering from PTLDS, Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, and advised him on how to recover. Gregory was still upset that his son still wouldn’t forgive him and tried to convince him that he and his stepmother are actually quite alike and would make a great team.

Gregory returned again in November 2020 when Finn was shot and narrowly survived an operation. He assured Chase that he and his mother, Jackie Templeton, were going through a rough patch but would make it. He also managed to strike up a civilized conversation with Finn about his granddaughter Violet, and later even met the little girl and read her a story. However, Gregory also confided in Finn that he and Jackie were breaking up but he would remain in Port Charles.

GH Gregory Finn Jackie Chase
Chase’s near-death experience shook the family to the core!ABC/Troy Harvey

Gregory was stunned to hear Jackie talk about her attraction to Finn, and the whole family was shocked when it was revealed that Finn was having an affair with Jackie the night before she and Gregory tied the knot! After a DNA test proved Finn to be Chase’s biological father, Gregory was heartbroken, but when Chase became terminally ill and only Gregory’s blood could be used to formulate an antidote for the poison, it was revealed that the results had been tampered with and Gregory Chase’s real was dad.

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