What happened to Wyatt in The Bold and The Beautiful?

Wyatt Spencer (aka Wyatt Fuller) has been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for almost a decade, so he’s been involved in a lot of drama! His love life was particularly complicated, so let’s break it all down for you! The character was introduced B&B in June 2013 and was always played by actor Darin Brooks, who previously starred as Max Brady in DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Wyatt Fuller was first spotted showering outdoors by Hope Logan, and he was instantly smitten with the blonde. She invited him to a July 4th party, which made her ex Liam Spencer quite jealous. There she discovered Wyatt’s sword chain, which was identical to the one worn by Liam and his father, Bill Spencer. Wyatt was stunned to later find out that Bill is his father and that his mother, Quinn Fuller, had withheld the truth from him. Angry at his mother, Wyatt moved out and lived with Bill and Liam. However, this caused some drama as he continued to pursue Hope!

Bill convinced Liam not to kick his brother out of the house, but after Wyatt berated his father for ruining his last marriage by having an affair with Brooke, Bill kicked him out himself! Wyatt reconciled with Quinn and began pursuing Hope in earnest. She broke off her engagement to Liam, but Wyatt found out it was due to Quinn’s manipulations. Eventually, Wyatt planned to go to Hawaii on the day of Liam and Hope’s wedding, but she dumped her groom and went to Hawaii with Wyatt instead! Liam tried to explain that Quinn had interfered again, but Hope chose to stay with Wyatt.

B&B Wyatt Hope Liam
“Are you secure are you not ready to share?”Sean Smith/jpistudios.com

However, after a pregnancy scare and the continued fighting between Liam and Wyatt, Hope changed her mind and turned back to Liam to accept his proposal. Wyatt foiled his mother’s plan to kill Liam and she went into a psychiatric facility. Wyatt and Liam started acting like brothers, but Hope continued to come between them. Quinn returned to stop Liam from appearing at his wedding to Hope, so she traveled to Monte Carlo with Wyatt and married him on a yacht. Learning about Quinn interfering again, Hope almost dumped Wyatt, but learned that she was carrying his baby. Tragically, during an argument with her mother-in-law, Hope had a fall that resulted in a miscarriage. Hope left town shattered and when Wyatt’s attempts at reconciliation failed, they divorced.

Wyatt had a brief relationship with Nicole Avant, but he only used her to find out her older sister’s secret. He then found himself attracted to Steffy Forrester, but she clearly wasn’t over Liam. And when Liam dropped Ivy Forrester to get back at Steffy, Wyatt and Ivy came together on the rebound. That ended when she kissed Thomas and confessed that she wasn’t over Liam. After Liam disappeared, Wyatt comforted Steffy and the two fell in love and even got married on the beach. Unfortunately, Wyatt discovered Quinn was holding an amnesiac Liam captive and rescued him.

Liam tried to win Steffy back, but he stayed true to her vows… at least until Quinn and Eric Forrester started dating and the pair found themselves on opposite sides. The Forresters were all against it, but Wyatt wanted his mother to be happy, and with Eric, she was. Eventually Steffy and Wyatt divorced and she went back to Liam. Helping Katie Logan, who took his PR job at Forrester, sparked a romance but had to keep it a secret for fear of upsetting Quinn and Bill. Everyone found out, of course, and Wyatt ended up popping the question. Bill was furious and refused to let his ex-wife marry his son.

B&B Sally Wyatt
“You’re going to be stuck in the friend zone for your last few days, Sally.”Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Wyatt and Katie eventually broke up and he comforted Sally Spectra, their friendship soon turned into romance. Wyatt reconciled with his father and resigned his job at Spencer on the condition that he allow Sally to rebuild her business. But their romance hit a snag when he ran into his ex-girlfriend, Flo Fulton, who was now in Los Angeles. And it ended after he found out Sally had secrets for Thomas. Wyatt and Flo rekindled things, but he eventually dumped her when he learned she was part of the baby swap that kept Liam and Hope’s baby away from them for a year.

Wyatt went back to Sally to apologize for how he treated her and they got back together, but when she mistakenly called him Liam in a moment of passion, it was the beginning of the end. When he forgave Flo for her role in the baby swap, Sally was suddenly struck down by a terminal illness. Flo urged him to take care of Sally and make her last days on earth as happy as possible, but when Sally moved him in hopes of seeing them again, he pushed her away again. Finally, Wyatt was shocked to discover that Sally was faking her terminal illness and had kidnapped Flo to keep her from revealing the truth! They agreed not to press charges as long as Sally left Los Angeles and stayed away from them.

B&B Flo Wyatt proposal
Flo made Wyatt the happiest man alive!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Wyatt and Flo did not run into Sally, who had moved to Genoa City, but did run into Summer and Kyle, who were looking for information on the redhead. Hoping to make things right, Wyatt urged the Logans to forgive Flo for the baby swap and welcome her back to the family. And shortly after they did, he asked the question and she happily accepted!

Things were going well until Wyatt became involved in the Spencer family drama when he noticed that Bill and Liam were acting extremely nervous and he wanted to know what was going on. He found out when Liam and Bill were both arrested for Vinny’s murder and Wyatt had to guide Spencer himself!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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