What happened to Robert Scorpio at General Hospital?

Longtime fans are always thrilled to see Robert Scorpio on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Tristan Rogers debuted in December 1980 and played the popular character until 1992, returning on and off since. Every time this super spy shows up GHhe brings the action and drama and now it looks like he’ll be around for a while!

Robert first appeared in Port Charles, tracking Luke Spencer and Alexandra Quartermaine in search of the Ice Princess, who was actually a large diamond in the rough that held the secret of aerated snow. Though Luke and Robert initially thought they were enemies, they teamed up to stop the Cassadines from freezing the world when they realized they were on the same side. After the adventure, Robert resigned from the World Security Office because they disagreed about destroying the Ice Princess and her formula. He briefly dated Tiffany Hill, whom he met during the caper, but their romance fizzled.

Robert Laura Luke General Hospital
Robert, Laura and Luke’s trip to Cassadine Island was anything but a vacation!ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Next, Robert was attracted to reporter Jackie Templeton, who was searching for her missing sister Laura, a model who resembled Laura Spencer. Robert was already helping Luke track down his missing wife, and they discovered that David Gray had arranged for Laura Spencer’s disappearance. After Luke killed David in a sword fight, they were led to believe that Laura had drowned at sea, and Robert comforted his grieving friend.

Eventually, after he and Luke became involved in an oil scam orchestrated by Holly Sutton’s family, Robert married the Brit. See, she was pregnant with Luke’s baby and since he was presumed dead at the time, Robert made her his wife so she wouldn’t be deported. Unfortunately, she miscarried, but Holly and Robert eventually found love.

Luke Holly Robert Jackie General Hospital
Jackie wasn’t thrilled when Holly’s eyes wandered from Luke to Robert at the end.Erik Hein/ABC via Getty Images

When Mac Scorpio first came to town, Robert had a difficult relationship with his brother, blaming him for their parents’ deaths. Thankfully, they were able to bury the hatchet before Robert and his wife Anna Devane were presumed dead in 1992, leaving their teenage daughter Robin to be raised by Mac.

Robert resurfaced in 2006, five years after Anna, to reveal he was being forced into hiding by WBS and couldn’t tell anyone where he was. He tracked down a deadly South Pacific strain of encephalitis threatening Port Charles. Robert was later diagnosed with colon cancer and after going into a coma he recovered and went to Europe for further treatment.

Luke Robert General Hospital
Luke talked his friend off the ledge…literally!Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

After it was believed that Robin died in an explosion, Robert returned to Port Charles in 2012 and even considered suicide out of grief at not being able to protect his daughter. Luckily Luke was able to calm his friend down. Later, Luke brought Robert back to town to investigate the return of Duke Lavery, whom they soon discovered in disguise as Cesar Faison. After tracking down the real Duke, Robert saw Robin alive but was arrested by Dr. Liesl put Obrecht in a coma to keep him calm. When he finally woke up, Robert managed to convince Anna that her daughter was alive and after an adventure that saw them temporarily held captive by Jerry Jax, they were reunited with Robin.

Robert helped stop Anna from getting revenge by killing Faison and later also helped her deal with her anger towards Carlos after he killed Duke. In the spring of 2018, the spy appeared in Switzerland to offer Anna help in finding her son Henrik Faison. Getting too close to the truth, Valentin Cassadine drugged and imprisoned Robert, but the truth couldn’t stay hidden for long!

Robert Anna General Hospital
“Do what I say, not what I do, Anna.”XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Robert reappeared in Port Charles to take Peter/Henrik into custody but he made a deal to stay out of jail. He has also enlisted Finn’s help to find a missing Anna and when it turned out that she was just bait to kidnap Finn, Robert had to help them both escape their captors. He then helped Anna track down Alex so she could get to the bottom of the mysterious virus that was temporarily blinding her. Of course, the spy was also a thorn in Finn’s side as he prepared to propose to Anna, but nobody’s perfect! Robert also helped Sonny in his search for Dante and traveled with him to Turkey to bring the guy home. Unfortunately, Dante had to go back to seek treatment for his PTSD and Robert was retired by the WSB.

After Margaux Dawson resigned, Robert was hired as Port Charles’ newest District Attorney, as he appeared to have attended law school before being hired by the WSB. This put him at the forefront of keeping Port Charles crime free, which is a lot of work!

GH Olivia Robert

Robert was shaken to hear reports that Holly had died in WSB shops but remained skeptical and refused to believe she was really dead. He brought Olivia Falconeri to the WSB facility in Switzerland to visit her son Dante, but he refused to see her. Before returning to Port Charles, they attended Holly’s memorial service in England, but Robert was stunned when he received a call that sounded like Holly was asking him to help her! Olivia came along when Robert flew to Monte Carlo to find out what was really going on and they got help from Ethan Lovett who was also after his mother but they ended up returning to Port Charles and couldn’t save Holly.

After their trip, Robert remained friends with Olivia but kept his distance as it had strained her marriage to Ned. He continued to work to bring Peter August to justice and was devastated when Anna broke the news that her old friend Sean Donely had passed away.

Robert teamed up again with Anna to stop Peter and was stunned to learn that Victor Cassadine was not only alive, but had allied himself with the villain! Upon returning from Greece, Robert was stunned when a drunk Olivia kissed him and a jealous Ned slapped him, but he was able to clear the air and help Olivia repair their marriage. He then traveled to Cassadine Island with Anna, where they took Peter into custody.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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