What happened to Felicia at General Hospital?

Felicia Scorpio is one of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s most popular legacy characters. And while she may not have had too much to do in recent years, Felicia once had plenty of love and adventure! The character has been played by since her debut in 1984 Christina Wagnerthough ANOTHER WORLD alum Sandra Ferguson briefly filled in for a dozen episodes in 2005.

Felicia arrived in Port Charles in 1984 disguised as a boy looking for an Aztec heirloom that had been turned into a ring worn by Frisco Jones. Of course, the two fell in love, but since she was engaged to the villainous Peter Harrell, Felicia had to put him off… for a while! After an adventure in Mexico with Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton, Felicia then got involved in another drama in Port Charles’ Asian Quarter with Robin and Anna. After that, Frisco and Felicia finally got their relationship going and moved in together.

GH Felicia Frisco
Frisco and Felicia had one romantic adventure after another…at least at first!ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Frisco and Felicia tied the knot in 1986, but just two years later she believed he was killed while working undercover for the WSB. Thankfully, Frisco was alive, but he got back just in time to see Felicia marry Lucy’s cousin, Colton Shore, who had a hand in his “death”! She was torn between the two men until she suffered from amnesia for a time, then she realized that Frisco was her one true love. They remarried in 1990 and honeymooned in Europe, where she was kidnapped by Cesar Faison. After learning she was pregnant, Fearing for the safety of her child, Felicia ran to live with her grandmother in Texas, but eventually returned to Port Charles, where they welcomed their daughter, Maxie.

Still concerned about Frisco’s dangerous work, Felicia eventually broke up with him and settled with Dr. Ryan Chamberlain turned out to be a psychopath! Despite acting in self-defense, Felicia was arrested for attempting to kill him and Ryan had her locked up in an asylum. Mac Scorpio helped her escape, and as they went on the run, the two fell in love. They tried to get married but Ryan destroyed the ceremony with a bomb! Her second walk down the aisle was ruined when Maxie contracted Kawasaki Syndrome. Mac tracked down Frisco and brought him back to Port Charles to help Maxie, which unfortunately led to a reunion between Felicia and Frisco and she ended up pregnant again!

But Frisco left town again and didn’t attend the birth of her second child, Georgie. Afterwards, Felicia settled with Dr. Tom Hardy, but their relationship couldn’t survive the hardships when she was stalked by a stalker, who turned out to be Kevin Collins (who was suffering from a nervous breakdown!). After Tom moved away, Felicia got back together with Mac and they eventually married in 1998. Unfortunately, Mac became jealous of Luke Spencer, whom Felicia traveled with while she was writing Lila Quartermaine’s memoir. After their divorce, Felicia had a romantic relationship with Luke, but it didn’t last long. After Mac was injured in a fire in 2004, Felicia returned to Port Charles to reunite her family and moved in with Mac, Maxie and Georgie.

Felicia Mac General Hospital
Felicia and Mac are one of the most stable marriages in Port Charles.Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

In 2007, Felicia was devastated by the murder of her daughter Georgie and moved back to Texas after the killer was caught. In 2012, she returned to Port Charles when Maxie was on trial for Lisa’s murder (she was innocent though!). Felicia reunited with Mac and reignited their relationship. The following year, Frisco made a surprise return and tried to propose to him, but Felicia turned him down. Instead, Felicia proposed to Mac and they remarried in 2013.

The Aztec jewels reappeared when Levi Dunkleman kidnapped Maxie to force Felicia to hand over the precious gems. Levi was later revealed to be Peter Harrell, Jr., the son of Felicia’s fiancé! Felicia ran for mayor of Port Charles but lost to Janice Lomax after the election was rigged. And when Lomax was deposed, it was Laura and Ned vying for their spot, leaving Felicia out in the cold.

Nathan Maxie Felicia Mac General Hospital
It often seems like Felicia is just watching others tell exciting stories.Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Felicia is usually just a sounding board for her friend Anna or her daughter Maxie, but she can do so much more. And she proved it when Ryan turned out to be very much alive and out for revenge! Working with Ava Jerome and Laura Collins, Felicia’s past experiences with the serial killer helped bring him back to justice.

Felicia joined her friends in Ireland for a special memorial service for Sean Donely and also took the opportunity to mend her friendship with Anna. She also supported Maxie in taking care of Peter August and getting her missing daughter back, and was relieved when Mac survived after being shot during Peter’s prison break. After taking Louise in, Felicia returned the baby to Brook Lynn and Chase as she was happier with them. With Maxie in Peter’s clutches, Felicia went to Switzerland to help rescue her daughter. During the fight, Felicia dealt a fatal blow with a tire lever and Anna left Peter dead. Next, Felicia accompanied Anna on a trip to Austria to investigate the cable car accident that had killed Luke and they found evidence that he had been murdered!

Stay tuned GH to see what happens next!

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