What happened to Epiphany at General Hospital?

Epiphany Johnson doesn’t appear very often on GENERAL HOSPITAL, so some viewers may not be familiar with the soap opera’s nurse’s story. Well, let us fill you in because the character has actually been around for over a decade! Epiphany launched in March 2006 and has always been played by fan-favorite actress Sonya Eddy.

Epiphany first appeared as the new head nurse GH after Audrey Hardy resigned. Dedicated to her job, she is a very no-nonsense woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. It soon emerged that Stan Johnson, a computer expert who worked for Sonny Corinthos, was her son. She didn’t like the idea of ​​her boy working for the mob, but couldn’t convince him to go. Tragically, while on the phone with Stan, she overheard him dying in a mob hit orchestrated by Jerry Jacks. She later suffered a heart attack after receiving his ashes and was found in the hospital dressing room. Fortunately, the doctors were able to save her life.

Robin Epiphany Patrick General Hospital
Epiphany has always been a huge “Scrubs” fan!Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

When Sabrina Santiago got a perfect score on the nursing exam, Epiphany suspected cheating but was persuaded to let her take the exam again. And after Sabrina passed the test again with flying colors, Epiphany immediately began investigating who had framed her. (It was Dr. Britt Westbourne, by the way!) Patrick Drake and offered him advice when he believed his wife, Robin Scorpio Drake, had died. She also eventually helped bring Patrick and Sabrina together.

As Head Nurse at GH, Epiphany is always a big part of the annual Nurses Ball and usually performs a solo song as well as in the opening group. She also dated Milo Giambetti after he finally confessed to having a crush on her, proving that opposites attract.

Epiphany took on extra work outside the hospital in 2015 when she was helping Sonny recover from a gunshot wound that left him paralyzed. She refused to let him give up and urged him to recover, but was upset that he had kept his recovery a secret from his family to prevent his enemies from learning the truth as well.

General Hospital Nurses Ball 2018
Epiphany loves taking the stage at the Nurses Ball every year!XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

When the hospital ran into financial difficulties in 2016, the nursing staff were to suffer the most damage, so Epiphany called their nurses together and staged a “sick-out” in hopes of saving their jobs. Fortunately, Dr. Hamilton Finn to save the hospital by donating the money he got from the sale of the patent to a life-saving drug.

Epiphany will always be there to offer advice or nudge someone to do the right thing, like when she found out Bobbie Spencer had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and shared her own experience with the disease, to help her friend understand the risks and how to deal with it. And in September 2020, Epiphany sang at the annual Nurses Ball and helped Marcus Taggert fake his death!

Unfortunately, Epiphany was demoted along with many other hospital staff in October when Cyrus Renault took over. Then, during a karaoke night with Liz and Franco, Epiphany confessed that she and Milo broke up because he was always traveling and they hadn’t seen each other in months. Luckily, after Cyrus was sent back to prison, Epiphany got back into the job she’s so good at!

GH Dr.  Willow epiphany
Epiphany gets tired of being dismissed by the hospital doctors.ABC

However, after being chewed up by some doctors, Epiphany became frustrated that she had been a nurse longer than they were practicing medicine and considered furthering her career and going back to school to study and become a doctor herself!

She also began a tentative relationship with Marshall Ashford and helped save his life when he had a medical emergency while on a date. Although as they continued to date she felt that she should be studying for the MCATs instead of going out!

Say tuned in to see how their story continues!

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