What happened to Drew at General Hospital?

Drew on GENERAL HOSPITAL had a confusing life and an unfortunate ‘death’ but we’ll try to clear things up for you. The character technically first appeared in October 2014, played by actor Billy Miller, though for the first three years Drew thought he was actually Jason Morgan! (That’s why Steve Burton played Drew in flashbacks, since they used to have the same face.) Also, Asher McDonell played Drew in a scene from his childhood. Unfortunately, the actor broke fans’ hearts in July 2019 when he announced his departure GH. But that wasn’t the end of his story, as in August 2021 Cameron Mathison revealed his mysterious new role on the soap would actually be Drew!

Who are Drew’s parents?

Drew and his twin brother Jason were born to Susan Moore after their affair with Alan Quartermaine. When Susan was pregnant, she fled Port Charles and stayed with her cousin Heather Webber in New York City, fearing Alan would drag her home to raise their child. When Heather brought in sister Betsy Frank, they learned that Susan was having twins. Since Alan didn’t know they were having twins, Heather suggested that Susan could return to Port Charles with Jason and leave Drew with Betsy. Then, after Alan took custody of one child, Susan was able to return to the other.

Franco Drew General Hospital
Franco thought he and Jason were brothers until he found out he had just grown up with Drew!XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

How are Drew and Franco connected?

Susan tragically died and Heather never returned, so Betsy raised Drew alongside Heather’s son, Bobby, later known as Franco Baldwin. She claimed the two were as close as brothers could be until Drew died of a heart condition. However, when an adult Franco confronted Betsy, she confessed that Drew had not died and she was forced to give him away after Franco pushed him down a flight of stairs when he was three. It was later revealed that Franco had been molested by Jim Harvey, and when an adult confrontation resulted in Jim attempting to kill Franco, Drew shot the monster. Later, the two men became even closer when Franco was temporarily implanted with Drew’s stolen memories!

Why is Drew’s last name Cain?

Raised in an orphanage, Drew later became a Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego, California. But although his name was Andrew Cain, it has never been revealed who his adoptive parents were who gave him that name, if in fact he did have Cain’s surname! This is a mystery that has never been solved.

Drew Oscar General Hospital
Drew was surprised to learn he has a teenage son!ChrisD/jpistudios.com

Who are Drew’s children?

When he was a Navy SEAL, Drew had an affair with Dr. Kim Nero, and while short, was passionate enough that she gave birth to his son, Oscar Nero. He also has a daughter, Scout, with Sam McCall since they were married and everyone believed he was Jason.

Why didn’t Drew want his memories back?

When Drew was found on the side of the road his face was badly bruised and he required reconstructive surgery. While initially suffering from amnesia, he soon remembered being Jason Morgan and living in Port Charles. So everyone in town believed he was Jason of the dead…that is, until the real Jason came back from the dead after being held prisoner in a Russian clinic for many years!

Drew Jason General Hospital
“I know what you’re thinking!”XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Then it was announced that Dr. Andre Maddox had developed a method of copying and transferring memories that he had hoped could be used on his ailing wife and other Alzheimer’s sufferers. But his technology was used to steal Jason’s memories and implant them in Drew. The flash drive containing Drew’s memories eventually turned up, but once given the opportunity to restore his past, Drew decided against it, fearing the procedure would erase the memories he had created during his time in Port Charles.

Knowing he wasn’t Jason allowed Drew to forge his own life, but it also meant the end of his relationship with Sam, who he let go back to Jason. Drew continued to rely on his friendship with Curtis and ran Aurora Media. He became closer to Kim when they bonded over Oscar’s terminal illness and they kissed on New Year’s Eve, but it never got further.

After a man who believed he was Drew approached Jason and claimed to be an old friend of his from Afghanistan, both Jason and Drew were suspicious of the stranger. Rightly so, as it was later revealed that Hank was actually Shiloh, the leader of the Dawn of Day cult. But Drew was more focused on making sure Oscar’s final days were as happy as possible.

Drew Hank Shiloh General Hospital
Drew wasn’t sure he could trust the man from his past.ABC

How did Drew die?

After Oscar’s death, Drew worked through his grief only to find himself at the center of Shiloh’s insidious conspiracy. The cult leader was dying to know what happened to the money stolen from their time in Afghanistan, and since Drew couldn’t remember anything, Shiloh stole the USB stick with his memories and implanted it in Franco! That meant Drew could find out where the money Shiloh was after was and found it in the car Oscar Cameron had left behind.

Franco (as Drew) suggested returning the money, so Drew flew to Afghanistan, but then set off to track down Andre and get him to return to Port Charles, hoping to restore Franco to his former self close. Unfortunately, while Andre made it back, Drew’s plane was reported lost, as if it had simply disappeared, thanks to the arrangements of Peter August, who was trying to cover his involvement in the memory exchange program.

Where was Drew?

While Drew was legally pronounced dead, it was revealed in 2021 that he was being held captive at an undisclosed location when he managed to briefly call Sam and ask for help. While being treated by Nurse Chloe Jennings, he hatched an escape plan, but unfortunately only she managed to escape. Then he met Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who was also being held captive, learned that Peter was working with Victor Cassadine and they were behind his kidnapping.

GH Peter Drew Obrecht
Peter had Drew under his thumb.ABC/Craig Sjodin

Peter then activated Drew through hypnotic suggestion and had him attempt to kill Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine! As they exchanged shots, Drew was hit, but he survived and continued to carry out Peter’s evil bidding until Jason managed to disable him. He helped Britt and Liesl escape the Cassadine compound, but Jason was presumed dead when the tunnels collapsed.

What will Drew do now?

Drew returned to Port Charles and had a bittersweet reunion with Monica, telling her about Jason. As he struggled to fit back into his old life and accept that Sam had moved on with Dante, Drew grew closer to Carly as she leaned on him in Jason’s absence. She also aided Drew when Victor was looking for a way to control his mind in order to search his memories for Project Demeter. Drew assisted Curtis in investigating his father, Marshall Ashford, who turned out not to be dead but in hiding. After meeting an executive coach, Drew decided to work with Michael to bring ELQ and Aurora Media together.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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