What happened to Chet at General Hospital?

Amy’s brother Chet first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL in November 2017. A true military veteran turned actor Chris Van Etten made his daytime debut on the soap, but the United States Marine Corps veteran may look familiar to some from his modeling contract wearing jockey underwear. And amusing to be thrown at GH wasn’t Van Etten’s first encounter with Port Charles. When the soap announced in the summer of 2017 that Chris Van Etten would be joining Jean Passanante as co-headwriter, some people Googling confused the two men! “Congratulations to the fellow Chris Van Etten on his new position at GH,” the vet joked on Twitter at the time, “to everyone who mistakes me for him.” Of course, writer Chris Van Etten now has dialogue for the soldier/model/ Written by actor Chris Van Etten, which is just crazy when you think about it!

Amy Chet General Hospital
Chet was grateful for Amy’s help, although not immediately!XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Chet Driscoll struggled with drug addiction to painkillers after serving in the military. Nurse Amy Driscoll was trying to help pay for his treatment but needed more money, so she hired Nathan West to pose as the face of Man Landers, the online advice column she hoped to turn into a book. Chet initially resisted Amy’s attempts to help her, but she eventually got through to her sister. In April 2018, Chet appeared again to offer condolences to Maxie Jones on Nathan’s death. He urged her to release her anger at Henrik Faison and get her own life back on track.

Maxie met Chet again just before Christmas 2018 when she was dropping off some donations for Toys for Tots. The former soldier was in full uniform and worked for the charity. The friends made small talk and Maxie eventually invited Chet to Anna’s Christmas party since his sister had to work at the hospital. When Chet resurfaced in January 2019, Sonny offered him a job running the boxing studio, but when Maxie and Lulu Spencer joined The Floating Rib just a few months later, they found Chet working there! (Lulu also felt Chet was flirting with Maxie, but Maxie insisted they were just friends.)

Finn Maxie Chet General Hospital
Finn was happy to see that his former patient was doing so well.ABC

Chet resurfaced in February 2022 when he and Amy were at the hospital together organizing a veterans’ clothing drive. He later sat at the bar in Charlie’s Pub wearing a teal shirt that led Terry Randolph to believe he was her blind date. Though he wasn’t, Chet stepped in to pretend to be her jealous boyfriend when she did real Blind Date turned out to be a complete idiot! After Chet finished off the guy, he went over to Terry’s for a drink and they got to know each other a little better.

Unfortunately, Chet’s budding relationship with Terry was cut short when he found out he’d landed his dream job…in Chicago. He was stunned when Amy confessed that she had applied for him hoping to break up him and her boss and told him not to take it. But Terry urged him not to give up his dream job for her.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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