What happened to Brooke in The Bold and The Beautiful

Brooke Logan has been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL since the CBS soap series first premiered in 1987, so it’s understandable if viewers are unfamiliar with her epic story on the soap. The character was created by Katherine Kelly Lang, though she was briefly replaced by Catherine Hickland and Sandra Ferguson while on sick leave and maternity leave respectively. But over the decades, one thing has been constant — no matter what happens to Brooke B&Bshe will come out on the other side stronger than before!

Brooke fell in love with Ridge Forrester as soon as she saw him catering for a Forrester party. Unfortunately, he was engaged to Caroline Spencer and Brooke conspired with Thorne Forrester to keep them apart. Brooke managed to put Ridge to bed and got pregnant, but she lost the baby and Ridge went back to Caroline. Brooke turned to Eric Forrester for comfort and they tied the knot after she became pregnant with his son, Rick Forrester. When Ridge later fell in love with Taylor Hayes, Brooke tried to interrupt their wedding to claim she was pregnant with his child, but she was actually carrying Eric’s daughter, Bridget.

The bold and the beautiful Brooke Ridge
Brooke couldn’t wait to get her hands on the handsome and wealthy Forrester heir!John Paschal/jpistudios.com

After failing to blackmail Ridge into leaving Taylor, Brooke was briefly married to Grant Chambers and then became interested in Thorne. She then had an affair with Bridget’s husband, Deacon Sharpe, which resulted in the birth of Hope Logan. Oh, and in the midst of this affair, Brooke tried to cover it up by marrying yet another man, Whip Jones! After Taylor’s death, Brooke got Ridge back but slept with his brother Nick Marone while Ridge was temporarily presumed dead. This led to the birth of RJ Forrester (Ridge Junior), although it was later revealed that he was actually Ridge’s son.

When Taylor came back from the dead, she and Brooke resumed their back-and-forth with Ridge. And while Taylor was with Nick, they learned that Jack, the child they had together, was made from Brooke’s donated eggs! Brooke accidentally had sex with Hope’s boyfriend Oliver Jones at a party, believing he was Ridge under the mask. Then, when she was stranded on an island with Thomas Forrester, she thought she’d had sex with him too!

The brave and the beautiful Bill Brooke Katie
“Oh I’m sorry. Would either of you like a drink too?”Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com

Next on Brooke’s list was Bill Spencer, who was married to her sister Katie at the time. They tried to end their affair to spare Katie’s feelings as she was already suffering from postpartum depression, but they were publicly exposed and Katie was devastated. When Ridge returned home, he started dating Katie and it was Brooke’s turn to be jealous. She almost married Bill, but Ridge cut short the wedding to expose the groom’s affair with Quinn Fuller. Bill retaliated by throwing Ridge out of a helicopter, and Brooke was injured when Ridge turned on Caroline Spencer.

Rejected by Ridge, Brooke turned to alcohol and found solace in Deacon, who helped her by joining her at AA meetings. She grew closer to Ridge when he revealed that he left Caroline since Thomas was the father of her baby. However, working with Bill at Spencer Publications brought back old feelings, although Brooke didn’t want to hurt Katie again. But after Katie divorced Bill, Brooke had no problem walking down the aisle with him again. Ridge prevented this marriage and won Brooke back, although her plan to get married in Australia was canceled when Brooke found out he had kissed Quinn!

The bold and the beautiful Brooke Ridge
“Ridge, can we just go to the part where I say, ‘I told you so?'”Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Brooke stayed with Bill again for a while but left him because of his reckless business practices trying to destroy Spectra. She and Ridge rekindled their romance and agreed to remarry. However, the couple clashed when they supported opposite sides in Bill and Katie’s ugly custody battle over Will. They were also at odds when Thomas pursued and married Hope, but were able to keep their marriage going even as they argued about how dangerous Thomas really was.

Brooke got jealous when Ridge got close to Shauna Fulton, but it was actually her kiss with Bill that caused the breakup as it was revealed at Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party! Ridge dumped her and went to Vegas with Shauna while Brooke fought with Quinn, who was the one who leaked the video of the kiss. When Brooke brought Ridge home, she managed to persuade him to work on their marriage, but that was ruined when Ridge later revealed to her that he had married Shauna in Vegas!

Suspecting that Shauna and Quinn are in cahoots, Brooke confronted her and vowed not to ruin her future with Ridge. But it turned out to be an uphill battle as Quinn persuaded Bill to pursue Brooke further and pushed Shauna into an official marriage to Ridge! However, when the big day came, Ridge couldn’t marry Shauna because he still loved Brooke.

B&B Flo Brooke Katie
Brooke hasn’t been the forgiving type lately!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Brooke was reluctant to join the other Logan women in forgiving Flo and welcoming her into the family. She also hit out at Steffy for sleeping with Liam and ruining her marriage to Hope. Things were going well with Ridge in general, but they continued to fight about Thomas as she wasn’t convinced that he had really changed when it came to Hope. Brooke, who isn’t a huge fan of Eric and Quinn’s marriage, didn’t want her to renew her vows, and when she found out Quinn had been cheating on him with Carter, she made sure to expose the affair at the renewal ceremony! When Eric finally took Quinn back, Brooke tried to talk him out of it – even trying to nudge Donna back his way – but he made up his mind.

Brooke was stunned when Hope invited Deacon back into her life when he was released from prison, but when Ridge took a hard line against the ex-convict, Brooke found that she softened her stance upon seeing how much Hope did wanted to reconnect with her father. Brooke was also surprised when Taylor reappeared, but tried to reconcile with her former rival. However, Sheila got tired of Brooke pushing her around and got the alcoholic drinking real champagne on New Year’s Eve. With Ridge out of town on business, Brooke spent the vacation drinking with Deacon, which ultimately resulted in shots of vodka…and a kiss!

Realizing what she had done, Brooke quickly confessed to Ridge that she fell off the wagon, but claimed she was drinking alone. Of course, the truth about her kiss with Deacon came out and Brooke was heartbroken when Ridge sought solace in Taylor’s arms. Deacon tried to convince her to give up Ridge and maybe try again, but Brooke remained determined to work things out with her husband. After Sheila was revealed to be the one who shot Steffy and killed Finn, Ridge was also stunned to discover she was behind Brooke’s fall from the wagon. When he broke the news to her, Brooke invited Ridge to move back in, but he didn’t…at least not right away. He stayed with Eric until Brooke broke her ankle during a power outage, and then he moved back in to help her.

Stay tuned to see how Brooke’s story continues to unfold!

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