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Some internet trends are worth trying, and this is one of them. Even if it’s not new tick tock loved rolling ice cream and making it popular again. It’s exactly what it sounds like: rubbing a frozen roller all over your face This simple beauty hack can increase blood flow to your face, reduce puffiness and morning puffiness, minimize redness, promote skin tightening, release toxins from your face, and more. Plus, it can also help with migraines and relieve sinus pressure during allergy season.

Ice scooters have so many benefits and yet are so easy to use. Just detach role Head out of the unit and pop it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes or just leave it there overnight. When it’s nice and cold, reattach the roller head and use it to give your face a cooling massage.

Check out these two highly rated ice cream rollers we found below for up to 15% off Amazon

Blue, green and white LATME face ice cream roller

LATME Ice Roller for Face – Buy it on Amazon

This LATME Ice Roller for the face features an ergonomic design so it’s comfortable to hold while giving your face a refreshing, cooling massage. Use your ice roller in the morning to soothe your skin and reduce puffiness by stimulating your circulation after a long night’s rest.

Boosting blood flow is sure to give your skin that desired glow. Use as a midday pick-me-up on the face, neck and temples to refresh and eliminate any tension. This ice scooter is so easy to use that your sessions will become a favorite part of your day.

Green and white PUR Botanicals ice roller next to cardboard packaging

PUR Botanicals Green Ice Roller for Face – Buy it on Amazon

That PUR Botanicals Green Ice Roller for the face is another great option. This roller offers long-lasting cooling and stays nice and cold when you take it out of the freezer. Plus, it’s leak and shatterproof, so you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth.

Another way to use ice rollers is to soothe painful sunburns. Although you should apply SPF daily, sometimes you forget to do it, which leads to a nasty sunburn. Luckily, you can use your ice scooter to soothe your painful burn and bring some much-needed relief while you heal. You can also use it to relieve itchy and irritating bug bites.

There are so many ways ice rolling can benefit you and your skin, no wonder it’s becoming a viral trend. Add to roll ice cream into your skincare routine and let the results speak for themselves. From reducing puffiness to relieving sunburn, this versatile lifehack is a must-have for your skincare routine. Don’t miss out on this offer and save up to 24% when you buy one of these skincare wonders today.

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