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Gia Richter21, has looked really fantastic this season Real housewives from New Jerseynot to mention her performance as a bartender See what’s happening live! The young star has been open about her battle with acne and scarring over the years, and recently shared a new addition to her skincare routine — the Lutronic ULTRA Laser, which she’s embarking on Nostein Plastic Surgery With Tara AdashevAPRN. “Gia comes to me to treat her skin. She is very self conscious about her acne and acne scars, and she also had some scars on her leg just from being a kid! So the Lutronic ULTRA Laser is great because there is no downtime, she went straight back to her college classes and normal life and is seeing really great results after just one treatment,” said Sister Tara HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

The Lutronic ULTRA Laser restores radiant, healthy skin through gentle, non-ablative fractional treatments. The system is an ablative laser that restores damaged skin by selectively targeting a fraction of the skin cells at the treatment site. The process not only targets damaged cells, but also stimulates the growth of healthy skin and supporting collagen fibers. “The laser creates small micro-channels in the skin, similar to micro-needling, but it’s more powerful and penetrates deeper into the skin cells,” Sister Tara explained. “It also stimulates collagen and takes care of those acne scars and active acne, sun damage.”

Tara admitted that patients leave the office “feeling like they’ve been out in the Miami sun a little too long,” but “the warmth goes away within 90 minutes and a slight redness lasts a maximum of 12 hours.” It can While there may be a lasting “rough skin feel” that Tara recommends treating with some Aquafor, the smoothing results are immediately visible! “You will see what will definitely result after one treatment,” she said. “However, the best results are often after three treatments. It is recommended to do this three to four times a year. In between facials to really keep stimulating collagen for long-term skin preservation.”

“Remember, you don’t have to come with pale, sunless skin as this is a non-ablative laser. As long as you don’t have an active sunburn, wound or sensitivity, it’s safe to treat your skin,” the APRN added.

Sister Tara gushed that Gia takes “really amazing care of her skin” between appointments. “She’s constantly texting pictures of this and that product and researching what to use for her skin. Whether it’s pre-treatment or post-treatment, she wants to know what gives her skin the best results and shine,” she explained.

For more skin care questions, interest in injections, lasers and wrinkle prevention, visit Sister Tara’s social media and book an appointment at Nostein Plastic Surgery in NYC!

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