Kim Kardashian’s trainer shares workout and weight loss tips

want to get ahead Kim Kardashianhis fitness level? We got the scoop straight from the lady handing her the weights! Ahead of the much-anticipated premiere of Hulu’s new series The Kardashiansfitness star Melissa Alcantara shared how she has helped Kim Kardashian stay disciplined and strong over the years. “It was really just about eliminating the excuses. You get to a certain point in your life where you’re like, “Man, there aren’t as many excuses as there are repetitions,” right? You have to actually do that thing.” Melissa tells HollywoodLifeexclusively. “Fitness is easy. It’s about just making a few small changes at the beginning, learning about yourself, and then moving on.”

Melissa explained that most people “want to start in junior high,” which is “not realistic.” “Respect where you are on every journey in your life. If you’re a beginner, respect that you’re a beginner, respect that you don’t know the moves, respect that you might feel like a complete idiot, but that’s the way it is,” she said. “And honestly, it’s my favorite part. I love being a beginner. I love progressing, learning, making mistakes, you know, trying something new.”

Kim Kardashian on a hike. (SOCKET / BACKGROUND)

The fitness expert admitted she’s often asked how she stays motivated, but explained that daily workouts and a healthy lifestyle have become more of a routine than anything else. “It’s really about just doing so much that it’s not about motivation anymore. It’s part of me, it’s part of my life, it makes me good and I know it’ll make me feel better than not doing it,” Melissa told HL.

She added that when it comes to achieving weight loss, like we’ve seen Kim do over the years, “don’t overcomplicate things.” “A lot of people like to ask questions they aren’t even ready for. I always say the easiest way to get started is to get a program. If you want to lift weights, if you want to do that, get a program so you already have a plan. Pick someone who inspires you and follow the program,” Melissa advised. “And secondly, nutrition. It’s literally making your food at home. I don’t care what you do, you can make fried chicken. If this is the beginning, prepare your food at home and drink water. If you’ve just done these things, go for it, it’s literally that easy.

Fitness expert Melissa Alcantara for closing. (Courtesy of the degree)

Something that’s also super easy – use the new Degree Advanced Antiperspirant to control your sweat even during the most challenging workouts! “This is really a great product. It’s about removing the excuses, keep doing what you’re doing, it encourages people to keep going,” Melissa explained. “The antiperspirant lasts 72 hours and the more you move the more it works which I think is amazing! keep doing what you are doing Do not stop. You don’t have to. This is for you.”

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