Joshua Benard returns to General Hospital this month!

Look for Josslyn’s study partner Adam – played by Joshua Benard – to show up again on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the next few weeks. The exciting news was shared by the young actor’s father, Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH), on Instagram in connection with his son’s appearance on the May 1 episode of his YouTube series, state of mind.

“Joshua will be back at General Hospital this month,” the Daytime Emmy winner proudly wrote of his 17-year-old son. But that wasn’t the only exciting news Dad had to share about Joshua! “He has an HBO project that’s airing this summer and he’ll be releasing his first single soon!”

During the State of Mind call with his father, Joshua shared how one day at the age of 13 he decided he wanted to act. “I didn’t do any acting at all before,” Joshua explained. “It’s like when you’re born into something, you look in from the outside and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is so crazy.’ Much of this is normal. So acting was like another day. Also, before I was 13, nothing really interested me except video games.”

GH Josslyn Adam
Hopefully Adam’s next lesson with Josslyn will be better than the last!ABC

But as Joshua explained, his competitiveness came to the fore one day when his sister Cassidy’s friend Anthony and family friend Franky Cammarata asked his father to teach them acting. “When they came to our house and couldn’t get the scene … I’m very competitive,” he explained. “I took that personally and decided, ‘I think I can do it.'”

Not long after, the younger Benard’s professional acting career took off when he was cast on GH to play a younger version of his father’s character in What If?. November 2018 episode exploring what could have happened if Sonny had never gotten involved with the mafia. “It felt liberating,” Joshua admitted of how easy the performance came to him.

Later in May, Joshua will return to Port Charles as Adam, the creepy schoolmate who brought up Josslyn’s sextape during her study session in March. “Whenever I get a chance to act, that’s always the best time,” Joshua explained, telling his father that Eden McCoy (Josslyn) is a fantastic co-star. “When you play with people who are good actors, it’s the complete opposite when I play with you,” he joked, making his father laugh.

So far there has been no confirmation from GH as to when the younger Benard will be released, so keep an eye on SoapsInDepth.com for updates!

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