Is Sheila Leaving The Bold And The Beautiful?

Over the years, Sheila Carter has devastated both THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, and if it’s true that only the good die young then this villain has many, many more years left in her! Kimberlin Brown has played the infamous villain in both soaps since 1990, so let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane to relive her impressive criminal past that couldn’t be confined to just one city!

Sheila Carter appeared first on Y&R 1990 as a nurse dangerously obsessed with Dr. Scott Grainger became. She drugged him so she could sleep with him and have his baby, forcing him to leave Lauren Fenmore, who was also pregnant at the time. When Sheila’s baby died, she stole Lauren’s baby. When the horrifying truth was exposed, Lauren confronted Sheila, who was presumed dead from the fire that broke out during the fight.

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The actresses were much kinder in real life than their characters on TV!Ron Galella/Wireimage

But Sheila survived and crossed over B&B, where she worked her way into the Forrester family by working as Rick’s nanny (after hospitalizing the original nanny, of course!) and as a company nurse. Stephanie Forrester was furious when Eric fell in love with the newcomer and got engaged to him. A jealous Sheila rigged Brooke Logan’s paternity test to make it appear that Ridge Forrester was Bridget’s father, not Eric Forrester.

When Lauren discovered Sheila was alive, she went to LA to confront her and ruin her relationship with Eric. But when Sheila begged for forgiveness, Eric actually gave in and the two tied the knot! Shelia later tried to solidify her marriage with a baby by sleeping with Connor Davis, but when she shared the “good” news of her pregnancy, Eric revealed he had a vasectomy and is asking for a divorce!

Sheila began seeing a psychiatrist, Jay Garvin, but accidentally pushed him to his death during a fight. She also attempted to drown Lauren in a hot tub and imprisoned James Warwick in her basement. After he escaped and their secrets were revealed, Sheila held the Forresters and James at gunpoint and threatened to kill them for hurting them. But after having a change of heart and attempting suicide, Sheila was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

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In the end, James fell in love with his patient.John Pascal/JPI

She didn’t stay locked up long and Sheila soon became friends with Maggie Forrester, although she later blamed the woman for poisoning Stephanie and later nearly choked her! Desperately trying to change her course of action to win back James’ love, Sheila revealed that she was pregnant with his child. After giving her daughter Mary to James and Maggie, Sheila befriended Amber Moore and urged the young woman to act as Mary’s nanny so she could secretly visit her daughter.

Things got particularly complicated when Sheila tried to steal Mary, James really fell in love with Sheila, and Maggie tried to murder her rival! When James and Stephanie became friends, Sheila became overcome with jealousy and tried to drown the Forrester matriarch. After being locked up, Sheila escaped from prison, shot Stephanie, kidnapped Mary, and ran!

Years later, Sheila returned with her teenage daughter, now named Erica Lovejoy, and the girl was shocked to learn the truth about her mother’s identity and her past crimes. Sheila was holding Eric and Taylor Hayes hostage, and when Brooke arrived there was a fight that resulted in Brooke being shot and leaving Taylor dead (at least for a while!). Sheila was once again imprisoned but managed to escape with the help of an overseer named Sugar. Sheila kidnapped Ridge and Brooke while they were on their honeymoon in South America, and when Nick Marone tried to save her, she grabbed him too! Sheila revealed she had Massimo’s daughter Diana and then disappeared with Sugar!

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Sheila had to remind everyone not to test her. You’d think they’d learned it by now!Jesse Grant/JPI

Sheila reappeared in Genoa City to terrorize Lauren again by attempting to turn her now-adult son, Scott Grainger, against her and poisoning her. She hooked up with fellow villain Tom, but the guy betrayed her and Sheila disappeared to have reconstructive surgery. It was later revealed that Paul had held Sheila captive and that she made herself look like Phyllis Summers (then played by Michelle Stafford)!

Disguised as Phyllis, Sheila kidnaps Phyllis, Summer and Fen and Lauren rushes to her rescue. When Lauren pointed a gun at the doppelgangers, Sheila used Summer as a human shield so Lauren would know she was shooting the real Phyllis when she fired. Sheila was pronounced dead at the scene, but reports of her death were clearly grossly exaggerated!

In 2017, the Forresters were shocked when Sheila showed up alive and well (and with her original face) and claimed to have turned a page. But it quickly became clear that she wanted nothing more than to be Mrs. Eric Forrester again, and would do anything to remove the only obstacle in her path – his now-wife, Quinn Fuller! Sheila was injured in a scuffle with her rival and even blackmailed former beau James into helping her convince Eric to let her move into the mansion. She had a portrait of herself painted to hang above the mantel and hired a handsome handyman to seduce Quinn. But Eric was on her plans the whole time and eventually sent her packing.

B&B Quinn, Eric and Sheila - JPI
Quinn and Eric kicked Sheila to the curb!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

However, Sheila did not go far, quietly staying in Los Angeles and working as a waitress at the local restaurant Il Giardino. Of course, when Bill Spencer was shot and nearly killed, she was considered the prime suspect, but this time she turned out to be innocent (for a change!). Although Sheila has not been seen since Spring 2018, she suddenly reappeared in August 2021, posing as Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan’s biological mother was revealed… and at his wedding to Steffy Forrester, no less!

Finn sided with the Forresters, who urged him to have nothing to do with his birth mother. Determined to be a part of Finn and her grandson Hayes’ life, Sheila even faked a breakdown to get sympathy. She also urged Jack to make it clear that he was not only Finn’s adoptive father but his biological father, but that didn’t help endear her to the family either. Sheila also worked with Deacon Sharpe, who was back in town trying to reconnect with his daughter despite the Forresters’ objections. Angry at Brooke’s interference, Sheila swapped her non-alcoholic champagne for the real stuff on New Year’s Eve, leading to a drunk night with Deacon which, once exposed, ended her marriage to Ridge!

Unfortunately, Sheila’s victory celebration ended when Thomas found out what she had done. She managed to threaten him to keep quiet, but when Steffy heard her, she was determined to get the truth out. Sheila pointed a gun at her, but when Finn stopped her, he stepped in and took the bullet! Steffy tried to call 911 but Sheila shot her as well and left her to die in the alley after making it look like a robbery. When Sheila later went to the hospital, she crashed into Li Finnigan and later, overcome with guilt, decided to jump off the roof of the building!

B&B Sheila Steffy
Sheila tried and failed to shut up Steffy!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Taylor saved her but then almost fell herself and was grateful to Sheila for saving her life. Although Sheila was relieved when Steffy woke up with no memory of Finn at all, let alone the shooting, Sheila attempted to overdose Steffy to prevent her from remembering who shot her after her family shot her remembered her late husband but was interrupted. Sheila was surprised when she was invited to visit Hayes and it turned out to be a trap when Steffy, Ridge and Taylor, who were found again, confronted her about shooting Steffy and killing Finn!

The police arrested Sheila and locked her up, but she discovered a jailer was her old accomplice, Mike Guthrie, and he helped her escape! She confronted Li and was stunned to discover that Finn was really alive and the doctor was nursing him back to health! After Sheila attacked her for trying to contact the authorities, Li attempted to flee, resulting in Sheila driving her car right off the road and into the water!

Stay tuned to see what Sheila does next!

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