Is Chelsea leaving The Young and The Restless?

Chelsea in THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has lived quite a life that some viewers may not be familiar with the character’s full dramatic story – and that’s where we come in! Originally portrayed as a scheming con artist when Melissa Claire Egan first burst onto the soap opera in November 2011, Chelsea eventually softened and lived a relatively normal life (at least by Genoa City’s standards!). But then she went back to her old ways and skipped town in February 2018! Still, Egan said at the time that this was just “goodbye,” and that turned out to be very true when she returned in June 2019 to stir up even more drama! However, the actress took maternity leave to welcome her first child, leaving Chelsea out of the picture for fall 2021.

Chelsea Lawson showed up in Genoa City to announce to Billy Abbott she was pregnant with his baby after they slept together in Myanmar. After a DNA test proved the baby was Billy’s, he and Victoria allowed Chelsea to move in with them. When her mother, Anita Lawson, arrived, Chelsea wanted nothing to do with her because she was a scammer. Billy and Victoria also learned that Victor Newman had brought both Chelsea and Anita to town in hopes of breaking them up.

The young and the restless Chelsea Billy
Chelsea prayed that Billy and Victoria would raise their baby.Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com

Realizing that she had no place in her life for a baby, Chelsea agreed to cede her parental rights to Billy and Victoria. During her pregnancy, she became close to Adam Newman as they bonded over being judged for their past mistakes. After arguing with Victoria about her relationship with Adam, Chelsea ran away and Adam found her nearly drowned in a frozen lake and helped her give birth to their son Johnny in a cabin. Adam continued to support Chelsea as she turned down Victor’s money to leave town, got a job as a bartender, and was studying for her GED.

Adam proposed and the two married at his childhood home in Kansas. She became pregnant but lost the baby in a car accident caused by Summer Newman. Mourning the loss of her child, Chelsea was further upset to learn Adam was helping Sharon and later caught her kissing. Adam agreed they could move to Paris, but when he couldn’t quit his job at Newman, Chelsea filed for a divorce.

Working as a fashion designer with Chloe Mitchell, Chelsea wanted to tell Adam she was pregnant with his baby, but her friend urged her not to. Since she had a one-night stand with Dylan McAvoy, Chelsea decided to claim he was the baby daddy. After Dylan grew closer, he invited Chelsea to move in with him so he could be a part of his child’s life. When he proposed, Chelsea happily agreed to marry him. After they tied the knot, she went into labor and gave birth to their son, Connor.

Young and restless Chelsea Dylan
Chelsea gave Dylan a very unique wedding gift – a baby!Sean Smith/jpistudios.com

But when the newborn was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, Adam quickly realized Connor was his son. Confronted by both men, Chelsea tearfully confessed the truth and Dylan left her. When Adam invited her and Connor to live with him, she agreed and they eventually remarried. Connor needed a cornea transplant and in a tragic turn of events, he got it from Delia Abbott after she was killed in a hit and run. Worse, Chelsea discovered Adam had been the driver! After Adam was presumed dead in his car’s explosion, a vengeful Chloe attempted to kidnap Connor!

Next, Chelsea grew closer to Billy, although it took her a while to let him into her heart. But soon Adam returned to Genoa City with a new face, calling himself Gabriel Bingham. He began insinuating himself into Chelsea’s life despite being in a relationship with Sage. And even though Chelsea was engaged to Billy, she fell into bed with Gabriel! When Billy found out, he dumped her and Chelsea started dating Gabriel, who discovered to her amazement that it was actually Adam!

Young and restless Adam Chelsea
“Oh yes, you are definitely Adam!”Sean Smith/jpistudios.com

Adam hoped to keep up the Gabriel ruse because he was a wanted man, but eventually the truth came out. He was arrested and sentenced to prison for Delia’s death, but Adam’s heroic actions in a fire and blackmailing Victor helped him get away with only probation and community service. Chelsea and Adam were happily reunited and he even made it clear to her that Sage’s baby was his, not Nick’s. But then Victor framed his son for the murder of Constance Bingham, and just as he was about to go on the run with Chelsea, Adam was killed in an explosion.

Nick and Chelsea became close and she continued to keep Adam’s secret that he was really Christian’s father. Their relationship soon turned romantic and Nick and Christian soon moved in with Chelsea. She was a little taken aback when she met Jordan Wilde, who was a fellow con artist from the bad ol’ days. Nick struggled with Chelsea’s past but eventually got over it. But after Nick found a quarter of a million dollars in a vent in the condo and someone started siphoning money from Fenmore’s via a fake website, it was revealed that Chelsea was behind it!

The young and the restless Chelsea
“Did everyone leave before we left?”Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Chelsea originally intended to leave town with the money and the two boys, but after a change of heart, Christian returned to Nick. When Adam returned to Genoa City in the spring of 2019, it turned out that Nick knew where Chelsea was and also that she had remarried! Chelsea returned to Genoa City to try to put things right and was followed by her husband Calvin Boudreau. Unfortunately, Calvin died unexpectedly shortly after his arrival, leaving Chelsea a widow! Of course, that didn’t stop Adam from convincing her that she should come back to him!

Although Chelsea chose to restore her relationship with Nick, she couldn’t take Adam out of her life because Connor was desperate to be with his father. Chelsea also got into a lot of money after Calvin’s death and she asked Kevin to help her wash. Unfortunately, a dangerous man named Simon Black arrived in Genoa City to collect the money Calvin owed him! Thankfully, he was quickly foiled, but traumatized by being held hostage by the villain, Connor began acting to bring his parents back together.

Nick resigned to please Connor and had Chelsea reunited with Adam to start a family for their son and Adam suggested leaving Genoa City to move to Paris. In the end, that didn’t happen, but he proposed and Chelsea happily accepted. She began working to revitalize her clothing line and traveled to Kansas with Adam to visit Hope’s Farm as a possible wedding location. This led them straight into a mystery where they learned that Alyssa Montalvo was investigating her father’s death and Victor was the prime suspect!

Y&R Adam Chelsea
To call their relationship a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

Chelsea vowed to help Adam get his position as CEO back at Newman and stood by him when he blackmailed Victor into getting it with knowledge of the murder long ago. But then Victor revealed the shocking twist that an 11-year-old Adam was the real killer of AJ Montalvo! Chelsea was floored but vowed to stand by her husband…at least until he turned to Sharon and jealousy made her leave him!

Chelsea eventually returned to Adam’s side, but when she discovered his diabolical revenge plan and tried to dissuade him, she found herself trapped in an elevator and then kidnapped! She stayed with Chloe temporarily, but Chelsea eventually worked things out with Adam. Unfortunately, their plans were ruined when Chelsea’s headache turned out to be a brain aneurysm! She eventually agreed to see a doctor, but while awaiting surgery, her aneurysm ruptured and Chelsea was taken to the hospital. She survived emergency surgery, but the incident left her immobile and unable to speak.

Adam hired the best doctors and nurses to treat Chelsea, but suspecting there were psychological reasons for her lack of progress, he hired Sharon as her therapist! Trapped in her body, Chelsea was jealous of Adam and Sharon, and he hoped the anger would spark recovery. It seemed to work when Chelsea regained her movement and voice, but she kept her progress a secret from everyone but Chloe as she blamed Adam for poisoning Rey Rosales!

Y&R Adam Chelsea
Chelsea wasn’t as helpless as Adam thought!Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

When her plan was exposed, Chelsea faked an emotional breakdown and was committed to a mental hospital, a deal she made with Victor to avoid jail time. When she found out the doctor wanted to keep her there until she was really well, Chelsea freaked out and tried to blackmail him! Eventually, Chelsea was discharged on an outpatient basis to care for her mother, Anita, who broke her hip.

Chelsea returned in December and clashed with Sally at Newman Fashion. She tried to reconcile with Adam but he rejected her and Chelsea was upset to find out he was dating Sally. When jealous Chelsea planned to keep Sally and Adam apart, Chloe begged her friend to break her obsession with the guy. When she and Chloe struck a deal to launch a new fashion platform with Lauren (minus Sally), Chelsea began dreaming about Rey. Though she poisoned him, Rey and Chelsea struck up a sweet friendship, and she was heartbroken when he died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Chelsea and Chloe continued to bicker and ultimately decided that they would no longer work together. Chelsea accepted Summer’s offer to design for Marchetti, leaving her friend to find her own way.

Stay tuned Y&R to see how Chelsea’s story continues!

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