General Hospital Spoilers 7/1/22: Brook Lynn Needs Sonny’s Help!

Trouble is on the horizon in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Spencer has some information about Esme’s parents, Ava worries about her future with Nikolas despite Esme blackmailing the prince into giving her a solid job, Chase needs life advice, things are falling apart for the ladies of the Deception, Olivia has a plan to get back to Metro Court, and Brook Lynn asks a favor from Sonny!

Thanks to Britt’s help, Spencer has a lead on Esme’s parents… and can’t wait to share his discoveries with Cameron. “I found out who Esme’s birth mother is,” he tells his pal at Kelly’s.

Over at the Metro Court restaurant, Ava Scott confesses to Nikolas’ idea to divorce and remarry. “I can’t help but think that Nikolas and I are tempting fate,” she reveals. Little does Ava know that her husband is hiding an incredible secret from her that could ruin everything they share: he slept with Esme!

Speaking of Esme, she’s still trying to make her way back to Spring Ridge. After her attempt to get Rory to help her went broke, will Esme ask Nikolas to pull some strings in exchange for her silence? “Can you do that for me?”

Gregory Chase
At a crossroads, Chase turns to his father and brother for life advice.ABC

Chase faces permanent layoff and struggles with his feelings for Brook Lynn. He needs some advice on his life and has a pow-wow with his father and brother. But what topic of conversation does Chase need to set them straight? “As far as you know, that’s not happening,” he says to Gregory and Finn.

Over in the Deception office, Sasha’s anxiety about her upcoming TV appearance is compounded by her grief that Willow is pregnant. And after making a bad choice trying to manage the stress, she immediately regrets it. “That was a mistake,” she tells someone in the café. Will she be able to fix her slip?

Hopefully whatever Sasha did won’t affect Deception’s appearance in HOME & HEART, because Maxie and Lucy are already panicking about the Shopping Channel spot – and it hasn’t even happened yet! Is the cosmetics company scarce? “We have to transport something, stat,” Maxie yells worriedly into the phone while Lucy looks on desperately.

Back at Metro Court, Olivia is determined to secure the hotel’s future after the Stillwater Venture Group owns Carly’s half of the property. “I’ll buy you half of the hotel,” Liv informs her business partner. Something tells us that whoever is behind the mysterious company isn’t going to make this purchase easy for Olivia!

Finally, hoping to get her former music producer out of her life once and for all, Brook Lynn enlists the help of her mother’s best pal. “You have a villain named Linc Brown to deal with,” BLQ asks Sonny. How far is Sonny willing to go to help Lois’ daughter?

Check out this teaser for today’s dramatic new episode GH!

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