General Hospital Hot Summer Preview!

It’s going to be a hot time in Port Charles this summer as co-headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor promise plenty of drama, romance and excitement at GENERAL HOSPITAL in the months to come!

“Sonny is once again the frontrunner at Port Charles, but he might find he has surprising enemies lurking just beyond his sight,” they teased Soap Opera Digest. “Outside of the mafia world, Sonny needs to come to terms with his feelings for Nina and his love for his family.” Luckily for the troubled Nina, it sounds like things could be looking up for her. “There will be an opportunity that will allow Nina to regain some of her standing in Port Charles,” they promised.

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow “get some exciting news that they can’t wait to share with the world, but Willow may have some other pressing issues that take priority.” Though that shouldn’t tell the truth about Nina getting her real Mom is since Carly decided to keep this a secret. “She thinks it’s for the good of everyone,” the writers explained, “for Willow and her family to protect her. But there could be ramifications, not only for her relationship with Michael and Willow, but also for her budding, shall we say, friendship with Drew.”

GH Kevin Laura Finn Liz
Will it help uncover the real cause of Liz’s problem?ABC/Troy Harvey

Liz may be getting treatment for her joint conditions, but that may not be the solution she’s hoping for. “Elizabeth received a diagnosis from some medical professionals and adjusted to it,” the authors revealed. “She believes there is a clear medical explanation for everything she has done. But Finn and Laura are less convinced that the loss of Franco was the catalyst for their odd behavior over the past year.”

The summer months are usually time for fun, but the younger crowd in Port Charles doesn’t really get to enjoy their vacation. “Trina faces a dramatic summer as her legal situation comes to a head,” they teased. “It will be a race against time for Spencer to expose Esme for the villain she is and to exonerate Trina. Tension between Cameron and Josslyn continues to simmer as Cameron keeps Josslyn a huge secret about Spencer’s true motivations.”

Meanwhile, Trina’s mom struggles with her own issues in the coming months. “Portia’s main priority is to ensure Trina is exonerated,” the authors said, “but if the truth about Marshall comes out, it could force Portia to reevaluate a certain secret she’s been keeping for many years.”

Stay tuned GH to watch all this drama – and much more – unfold over the coming months!

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